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Solar Diesel Power offer you its services in the energy saving field utilizing its Groups resources as well as combined business relationships.

We offer you a live demonstration of how an energy saving solution system works with reliable power (and without the use of batteries), in a safe factory environment situated in Johannesburg. Not only will this provide you with a clearer insight of a good working system, it also offers you the opportunity to understand how the running costs work and where you make your long-term savings.

 All the energy saving equipment is assembled, tested, commissioned and supported from this factory to ensure that you receive the essential backup and support for reliable and ongoing power.

Full-service teams with good technical support are provided for the installation and maintenance of these systems in most African countries, including IT installation systems, large solar panels, backup generators, transformers and distribution switch gear up to 33,000 V.

As a result, Solar Diesel Power’s services include full turnkey energy saving solutions that enable rapid production of power for mining, agricultural, processing, chicken hatcheries, factories, hotels, hospitals, communities and remote areas.